How to create an offer

CryptoLocally recognizes the importance of a strong community. Having such a tight-knit community and customizable offers created the rich marketplace that we have today. You may want to create an offer that is tailored to your needs. In this case, this guide will show you how to create an offer, step-by-step.

1. Sign Up

You must have an account for CryptoLocally to make an offer. Don’t worry, signing up on CryptoLocally is quick and simple.
Input your email address and choose a CryptoLocally username and password. After verifying your email and entering some more basic information, you are ready to start trading on CryptoLocally.

Creating an account on Cryptolocally Image 1. Creating an account on Cryptolocally

After verifying your email, you will be asked for some more basic information, like your name, country of residence, and phone number. Then, please enter the code we sent to your phone number. All verification helps build a basis of trust for new users.

Entering more basic information for sign up Image 2. Entering more basic information for sign up

2. Create New Offer

Once you have created your account and are logged in, click on “New offer” (see image 3).

Start making an offer Image 3. Start making an offer

3. Select your offer type

Select your offer type depending on your goal (see image 4). If you are trying to create an offer to sell cryptocurrency, then click on “Sell.” If you are trying to buy cryptocurrency, click on “Buy.”

Selecting offer type Image 4. Selecting offer type

4. Pick your Cryptocurrency

Select the cryptocurrency you want to sell; the crypto or fiat currency you want to receive as payment; and the country you are trading in. Once you have done all that, click on “Next step” (see image 5). In this example, let's assume you want to sell BTC for USD.

Select what you want to trade Image 5. Select what you want to trade

5. Select your Payment Method

The next thing is to select the payment method(s) you want to use to receive your crypto or fiat currency. After you have selected the payment methods, click on “Next step” (see image 6).

Select payment methods you want to be paid in Image 6. Select payment methods you want to be paid in

You will then be asked what city you are trading from. Fill in your city and click “confirm” (see image 7). We ask this to inform the user you are trading with about potential time zone differences.

Enter city of residence Image 7. Enter city of residence

6. Trade Details

You have great control over the pricing for your trade offer (see image 8). You can customize the following:

  • Which market rate you want to use in determining the price of your crypto
  • The rate of margin (e.g. how much of a premium or discount that you are offering)
  • The minimum and maximum cryptocurrency volume you are willing to trade
  • A note to inform the trader about any other terms you have

Once you are done click on “Next step.”

Trade details Image 8. Trade details

7. Publish Offer

Review your offer and make sure there are no mistakes. Finally, click on “Publish” (see image 9).

Review and publish offer Image 9. Review and publish offer

8. Live Offer

Congratulations! Your offer is now officially live on CryptoLocally! You can review, edit or delete your offers anytime by clicking My offers (see image 10).

Find my offers Image 10. Find my offers
Successful trade

If for some reason you have trouble with creating an offer, please contact support: