Fees & Referral - BTC

CryptoLocally fees

Trading BTC with CryptoLocally is extremely fast, easy and secure.

Users who buy BTC, on CryptoLocally, are charged a 0.99% commission fee for every completed trade and a Bitcoin transaction fee based on the current mining difficulty of the network (≈0.000006 BTC). Upon successful completion of the trade, the fee is automatically deducted from the total of BTC bought by the buyer. If the trade is not completed, CryptoLocally takes no fee.



  • User A has agreed to buy 100BTC by bank transfer, from User B,
  • Once User A has agreed on the price for 100BTC with user B, a commission fee of 0.99BTC, paid by the buyer, will be deducted to facilitate the transaction on CryptoLocally. User A will also have to pay the “Bitcoin network transacton fee” based on the current Bitcoin transaction fee of the network to run the transaction on the Bitcoin network. Once the trade is completed, User A will receive ≈99.009994 (agreed trade amount - CryptoLocally’s commission fee - Bitcoin network transacton fee).

How to find your referral code? How to know if you’re “VIP”?

Click on your account symbol, on the top right of the page, then click on “Account settings” (see image below).

Once on your account profile page, you will find your referral code and also be able to know your “VIP Level” (see image below).