How CryptoLocally works: A complete step-by-step guide

Our community urged us to list Native BTC on CryptoLocally since its establishment. In order to answer their expectations and we do care about our users’ opinion, we have finally listed Native BTC. Furthermore, we also believe that it’s very critical for our users to trade BTC as flexible and easily as possible.

Our guide here explains How to Buy and How to Sell BTC on our platform.

Before learning how to trade BTC, there’s one thing you need to be ready with. Make sure you are logged in CryptoLocally. If you are new to our platform, fill up all the required information to sign up and begin.

🏗️ How to create an offer

Here are 6 simple steps to get you up and running!

1. Sign Up

Signing up on CryptoLocally is very simple.

The first step is to input your email address and to create your CryptoLocally user ID and password. Once you have read through the terms of useand privacy policy, click on Agree on Terms. After verifying your email, you are ready to start trading on CryptoLocally!

How to Sign up

2. Create an Offer

First, select the Cryptocurrency that you want to sell or buy.

Select Currency

Then, click Create Offer on the top left of the navbar.

Screenshot - How to Create a Trade

3. Type of Trade

Select the type of trade you want to place - include details such as - are you a buyer or a seller the offer status, payment method, and location.

Screenshot How to Type of Trade

In case you want to sell/buy BTC with fiat (cash), select Local Cash(In Person) and make sure to fill the name of the city you wish to trade in.

Screenshot - How to define your Type of Trade

4. Price, Amount & Currency

Next step is price and amount of BTC you wish to trade; this includes the currency and the rate of margin (e.g. how much of a premium or discount that you are offering). Once you set the rate of margin, the BTC price will be automatically calculated based on the prevailing market prices (sourced from the Coingecko exchange).

Screenshot - How to define Price, Amount & Currency

5. Save Offer

By Clicking SAVE NEW OFFER , you will complete the process and publish your first trade offer!

Screenshot - How to Save Offer

6. Live Offer 🎉

Congratulations! Your offer is now officially live on CryptoLocally! You can review edit or delete your offers anytime by clicking My offers.

Screenshot - How to get your Offer live