Complete guide on how to use GIV

22 Jun 2020

Complete guide on how to use GIV

We are happy to introduce GIV, our own native token. With this new utility token, you will be able to take advantage of special features that makes GIV stand out from the native coins of other platforms. See how GIV can enhance your trading experience right now.

How to spend GIV?

There are two ways to spend GIV that will enhance your Cryptolocally experience! You can purchase either Discount coupons or Offer boosts with GIV.

a. Discount Coupon

A discount coupon reduces your trading fees by 50% for a trade of your choice.

Q. How to purchase Discount Coupons?

Go to your “GIV profile.” > Simply click the Discount coupon banner > it will cost you 100 GIV so make sure that you have enough GIV to purchase it before clicking on the button.

Q. How to use the Discount Coupon?

The procedure for using this coupon is very simple and easy. Let’s see how it works when you are a BUYER (Only the buyer can use the discount coupon)

1. Click the “Buy & Sell” button on the navigation bar!

2. Search and select the offer you prefer by filtering payment methods, location or currency. Click “Buy” to see more details on the offer.

3. To begin the trade, Type your address where the selected crypto should be sent to; Choose the trade amount of the selected crypto you want to buy.

After purchasing a discount coupon, a checkbox will appear when creating trades which will allow you to apply the coupon to a trade. Simply check the box and enjoy 50% off trading fees for that trade!

Then, follow the same steps you would use to buy any crypto on our platform.

b. Offer Boost

The “offer boost” will place one of your offers at the top of the buying or selling list. In order to purchase it, the user needs to meet the following requirements: 

- The user has successfully finished at least 3 trades.

- The user needs to reach at least a rating of 95.

Q. How to purchase an Offer Boost?

A. Go to your “GIV profile.”  Simply click the Offer boost button. It will cost 100 GIV so make sure you have enough GIV to purchase the boost. 

Q. How to use the Offer Boost?

You can use the offer boost when you are creating an offer. On the “Create offer” page, select the type of trade you want to place - including the details such as - whether you’re a buyer or a seller, the offer status, payment method, and location.

In addition, you will also see the option of an “Offer boost”; If you wish to apply a boost to this trade, simply click the boost button and it will automatically change to Boosted. Please make sure you fill in all the necessary information before clicking “Publish!

You will then see the bold bar marked on the left of the boosted offer.

Also, the boosted offer will be placed on the top of the offer list with a gold highlighted bar. Trades with boosts applied to them will remain boosted for 48 hours.

* Only 4 offers can be boosted for each crypto.

GIV Tier system

Enjoy the amazing trade experience on CryptoLocally and gain access to the perks of the Tier system - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Just by signing up, all users are placed into the Bronze Tier. Being in this tier allows you to earn GIV from:
- signing up
-  referring friends 
- spin a GIV wheel and receive free GIV gift
-  trading on the platform (8% of USD volume in GIV - Example: You trade for 100USDT, you will then receive 8GIV)

In order to gain access to the benefits of the Silver Tier, you must maintain a GIV balance of at least 250 000 GIV. At this level, you will get 25% off on all your trades + all the benefits from the Bronze tier. In addition, you will spin a GIV wheel and receive a free GIV gift. You will also get 10% higher GIV bonus from your completed trades.

This is the highest tier and it’s attainable by maintaining a GIV balance of at least 1 million. users in the Gold Tier have the benefit of getting 50% off on all of their trades + all the perks from Bronze & Silver tiers. In addition, you will spin a GIV wheel and receive a free GIV gift. You will also get 25% higher GIV bonus from your completed trades.

Where to buy GIV

While being an active trader on Cryptolocally’s platform is a great way to earn GIV, you can also buy GIV directly from Binance DEX at any time! 

1. Go to Binance DEX. Click the Start Trading button!

2. Search for the GIV/BNB trading pairs from the box at the top left of the screen, and click the pair. Then, place the Limit Order by selecting the price and the amount. You are now ready to trade!

* What’s Binance DEX?

Binance DEX is an extension of the main exchange and provides cryptocurrency traders with further options, which acts as a decentralized order-matching engine based upon Binance Chain technology. It allows users to trade cryptocurrencies while retaining full custody of their own funds.

Withdraw GIV

If you have enough GIV to withdraw (minimum withdrawal amount is 1,500 GIV), you can easily withdraw GIV to your own wallet. Just follow three simple steps below:

1. To WITHDRAW GIV, you will first need to click your user ID on the top right of your screen, and go to “GIV Balance.”

2. On this page, you can see GIV balance, as well as your “GIV VIP Level”. To start with withdrawal process, simply click “Withdraw”

3. Type in the GIV amount you want to withdraw, your BEP-2 wallet address (any BEP-2 address will do), and the accompanying Memo. Make sure that you typed both the address and memo! Finally, click “Withdraw” to receive the desired amount! 

* The minimum withdrawal amount is 1,500 GIV with a fee of 1.5%

Deposit GIV

GIV is stored directly on the Cryptolocally platform! To deposit GIV into your account, just follow the three simple steps below:

1. To DEPOSIT GIV, first you need to check your GIV status. Click your user ID on the top right of your screen, and go to “GIV Balance.”

2. On this page, you can see your GIV status in detail, including your GIV VIP Level and balance. Click “Deposit” to start!

3. Deposit to the following address with the provided memo, Click “Check for Deposit” below to Confirm!

After clicking “Check for Deposit”, you will see a pop-up message appear after a few seconds.

GIV History

If you want to see how you spent your GIV, you can check your GIV history on your GIV profile.