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A secure and trustless system gives you the cheapest trading experience possible.

Make margins off of your transactions instead of losing several percentage points from credit cards and fees.

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Enjoy fast and secured transactions without the need for endless confirmations or network congestion.

We never holds users’ funds as all transactions are done on-chain and are protected by an escrow until the end of each transaction.

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Trade anywhere, anytime in the local currency of your choice.

Choose one of the online payment methods or meet in person for a cash transaction!

How it works


1. Open Trades

It is as easy as creating an offer or choosing an existing one, to start trading. After you and your counterparty agree on terms, the seller transfers the crypto tokens to a secure escrow.

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2. Peer-to-Peer FIAT transaction

Transfer the agreed local currency and confirm settlement. Change of mind? No problem - you can cancel or amend your trade, right up to the moment payment is made. Everyone remains protected!

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3. Release funds

Once the seller receives the funds, from the buyer, the seller can safely release the escrow. The crypto amount will instantly be transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

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CryptoLocally Features

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Instant Transactions

Powered by the blockchain, the CryptoLocally smart contract finally makes instant peer-to-peer trades and confirmations possible.

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Increased Security

Crypto tokens are sent directly to a smart contract, on chain. The smart contract provide a 100% secure escrow, until you release it at the end of the trade.

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Reputation System

A trader’s reputation score is calculated automatically after each trade. Traders also give each other feedback after each trade, which can be viewed in every trader’s profile.

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No Wallet Deposit

No need to deposit your crypto on CryptoLocally! Send and receive crypto tokens directly to and from your personal wallet or an exchange wallet.

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